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World class diagnostic of Cancers



Since 1997, hkCiti has been providing digital printing services to our clients. From traditional signage to digital signage, we were going through a tough process, however I believe that there is nothing in the world that can't be done, I started to develop a series of experimental products. Fortunately, eDirectory and eLobby have been well received by many customers, eShowcase has grown stronger. And OHKS is another coincidence, which has evolved from personal needs into another professional service, which involves high-sensitivity cancer detection, with the use of world class medical artificial intelligence technology, thereby greatly improve the survival opportunities of patients. In the future, we will continue to develop more advanced technologies for the sake of community由1997開始, hkCiti已為不少公司提供數碼打印服務, 由傳統的Signage再加入digital signage元素的這個過程可說有苦自知, 但我相信世上是沒有做不來的事, 所以便硬著頭皮開始開發一系列實驗性產品, 幸運地, 其中的eDirectory 及eLobby 得到不少客戶的青睞, 令eShowcase得以壯成長. 而OHKS則是另一個巧合, 這個由本身的個人需要發展成為另一專業服務---高敏感度癌症檢測, 運用了世界頂級醫療科技人工智能, 從而大大提高患者生存機會. 未來, 我們會發掘更多先進科技, 造福人群

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